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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Enjoying this beautiful template is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Here are the easy-install instructions for your new template along with the link to the template code:

One: Backing up your current template. (Optional step to save your current template)
1. Log into Blogger.
2. From the Dashboard, go to your Layout tab.
3. Click on the Edit HTML link.
4. Click on the Download Full Template link. Choose where you want to save it.
5. After you've saved your template, keep the Template window/tab open.
*NOTE: Another way you can back-up your template, is to simply choose Edit from the internet menu bar and then select all, copy, and paste into a notepad or word document.

Two: Copying this template.
1. Open this link: Bohemian Blanket
2. Copy all of the text except for the blue writing at the very bottom. In other words, copy everything up to and including the following tag at the bottom: < /html >

Three: Loading this template onto your blog.
1. Return to your blogger template box. (If you closed it you can get back by logging into Blogger, going to Layout, and choosing Edit HTML).
2. Delete everything in the template box so it's completely blank.
4. Go to Edit and choose paste from your internet menu bar. This will paste the new template code into your template box.
5. Hit the Preview button to check out your new look.
6. Click the Save button.

*NOTE: A message may appear in red saying you will lose "archive 1, followers 1, and profile 1." Ignore this message and continue, your archive, followers and profile will still be there.

We have built-in template support for the following page elements:
  • Profile
  • Archive
  • Followers
  • Labels
  • 2 Text Boxes
  • 2 Link Lists
  • 8 Pictures/Images
  • 5 HTML codes
  • 1 Video Bar
  • 1 Slide Show
  • 2 Blog Lists
  • 1 Subscribe Link
  • 1 Newsreel
Once you have uploaded the template onto your blog, you can simply delete any additional, unused page elements. This is done by logging into blogger, going to the Layout tab, and clicking the Page Elements link. Edit each element as desired.

If you have more than the allotted widgets, you may see this warning: The following widgets are about to be deleted: Image 1, etc. If you don't mind re-entering the missing sidebar items you can click the save button. If you'd rather not lose anything then don't click save. Remember, we have prepared a save your sidebar elements tutorial
that teaches you to save EVERY SINGLE WIDGET you have!!

Thank you for choosing a smitten blog design! Now that you know how easy it is to load our templates, you can change your look whenever you'd like! Happy Blogging!

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